Exclusive Interview with Hiren Bhatt – Digital Agency


“All you have is one Life, make the best out of it for you and others.”

Hiren Bhatt has over 15 years of experience as a digital marketing strategist as well as a technology evangelist. Moreover, he is also known to have exemplary leadership and communication skills that have produced top-performing teams, large revenues gains, strong margins, and a growing portfolio of satisfied clients. He has a wide array of awards and honors to his name. He has an MBA in international business and the expertise to manage multi-disciplinary projects.

He started his career as an EDP head and gradually moved up the ladder of success taking on several roles in different organizations. As a serial entrepreneur, he came to the forefront of the startup arena with Techsters DA. It is a highly trusted and recommended company, specializing in Social Marketing, Web Development & Design, Mobile Sites & Application Development, E-commerce Conversations, PPC advertisements & Campaigns. It excels in helping individuals across the globe and mature brands and companies grow through online presence.

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